Aulson Inlay LLC.


Aulson Inlay, founded in 2012, is a full-service inlay company. Located on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, this family run business generates both original designs inspired by the area’s natural surroundings as well as custom creations commissioned by clients. Using specialized CNC machines hand built by co-founder Doug, ideas come to life as a beautiful inlay made of a variety of materials such as abalone, mother of pearl, dyed woods, recon stone, gold, and silver. Inlayed components are then manufactured into a range of finished products, such as guitars, furniture, jewelry, and bicycle top caps. We work with clients of all sizes from weekend warriors to factory-scale manufacturers. No job is too small. Just give us a call.

Let Aulson Inlay bring your inlay vision to life!

Doug Aulson

The Aulson Family – Doug and Ellen Aulson, Jaime Aulson Myers

The Aulson family story began in Massachusetts. Doug received his bachelor’s degree from University of Massachusetts Lowell in Industrial Engineering. Ellen received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maine in Orono. She taught Marine and Environmental Science. The next chapter brought a career move for Doug into Automated Machinery that took the Aulsons to Pennsylvania. Once in Pennsylvania, Doug and Ellen added a few members to the family. Upon the arrival of the children Dan and Jaime, Ellen ventured into the world of accounting and computers part time. When the kids were in junior high, Ellen returned to work full time when she joined the Comcast Corporation. At Comcast, she rose to the position of Director of Operations for one of their television companies. Ellen retired after 21 years at the company.

The automated machinery business took Doug all over the Northeastern United States, where he installed computer controls onto machinery. One of Doug’s longtime customers, Larry Sifel, dramatically changed the course of the Aulson family when he asked Doug for automation help at his shop in Southern Maryland. Unknowingly, Doug set sail (literally in his sailboat) and has never looked back. Around the same time, his daughter Jaime graduated from University of Maryland Salisbury with a degree in Graphics Design. She joined her father where her eye for design and skill with machinery and drawing software helped her excel under the guidance and tutelage of Larry. After the untimely death of Larry, the Aulsons struck out to start Aulson Inlay. With Doug building and maintaining specialized equipment required for the precision of inlay, Jaime designing and executing intricate and imaginative inlays, and Ellen managing the business the family works together every day to create the beautiful and inspired work of Aulson Inlay.

Lauren Hook

Lauren Hook

Lauren is an inlay artist at Aulson Inlay. She joined the team in the summer 2015. At Aulson Inlay she uses computer assisted drawing (CAD) software to bring custom inlay visions from scribbles on a napkin to a finished inlay. Once the inlay is designed in CAD, she uses specialized 3-axis CNC milling machines to create the inlay out of shell, wood, and alternative inlay materials. In addition to custom inlay, she also assists with inlay production runs.

Before coming to Aulson Inlay Lauren spent 10 years in science. She received an undergraduate degree in microbiology and a graduate degree in environmental science. She also spent time working in industry. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, gardening, posting dog-themed social media content, and annoying her husband.

Liz VanCamp

Liz is a Southern Maryland native graduating from Patuxent High School. After travelling around the US, she has been part of the team since the spring of 2015. Liz divides her time between Aulson Inlay and the Duke of Pearl, a shell inlay material distributing company owned by Chuck Erikson. At the Duke of Pearl, she helps customers with questions, fulfills orders, manages inventory and the handles the day to day business operations. At Aulson Inlay she is the Liz of All Trades, doing a little bit of everything from preparing the shell inlay material for machining, sanding, to packing a completed order for shipping.

When she's not bouncing around at the shop, Liz enjoys thrifting and restoring old furniture, walking her dog, and dreaming about her future farmette with goats.

Liz Van Camp