Special edition designs are released by Aulson Inlay with portion of the proceeds going towards music education. The current design is a star constructed of five music notes. This series of charms is made of pink abalone inlaid into Richlite backing, a durable, plant-based material. The cost is $ 26.50 which includes shipping and tax (if you live in MD). From the sale of each bracelet, $10.00 will go to D’Addario Foundation to further music education.

If you have any interest in bulk ordering charms, please email us at with the subject line “Bulk Order Charms Query”. We have a variety of designs available, or we can work with your ideas. Bracelets displayed on Aulson Inlay’s website for sale in US only.

Backwater Breeze is a collection of wearable inlay jewelry created by Aulson Inlay. The collection derives its name from the positioning of the shop on the point between Back Creek, Mill Creek, and the Patuxent river. These charms are made from real inlay materials including exotic woods and various shell such as mother of pearl, abalone, and recon stone. In keeping with the spirit of Aulson’s primary focus, the charms are pick-shaped in design and sold on “guitar-string” bracelets with a small accent charm patterned after the abalone shell. The bracelets stretch allows for easy universal fit and can be opened and closed using the threaded connections. A variety of designs are available at local stores and online retailers listed below.